What an amazing brand! You might be surprised when you find out who it is though.

After having picked a few of these Chinese smart devices apart and finding out that most of them are really questionable, in fact many of them would be considered downright dangerous if you follow the questionable labeling.  I decided to invest in some electrical meters to be able to give a more in depth criticism.  When I ran into this little Chinese company called TackLife I thought, "Why don't I look into the build quality of Chinese electrical tools while I'm at it?"

I am so glad I made this decision.  As an electrician by trade I am used to dropping $150+ on a good meter but I spent less than $40 on this little bundle. When I purchased them I thought there is no way they would match up to my tried and true 3 year old name brand meter.  The initial build quality of this bundle is very good, in fact dare I say better than my previous Fluke and Ideal meters.  The cord is far more flexible which has always been a complaint of mine.  As an added bonus this meter does much more than my old meter, I'm not sure when I'd need to know the temperature of something but hey it can do it.  I can now also check to make sure no funny business is going on inside these little electrical devices and I will now be able to check just how much of a phantom load these little smart things pull, sure I could've used my old meter to determine this but lately I haven't really been able to rely on the old girl and the line splitter will make doing this so much easier.

There will be many more of TackLife tools in my near future so don't be surprised when you see more TackLife related posts in the coming soon.

What do you think?

Would you leave your name brand tools behind if an off brand proved equal or better?

Have you tried something as a joke only to find out it was superior to what you have been using for years?

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