Smart Switch Made Easy

For years now I've been looking at getting into the smart home game and I truly believe that now is the time.  I picked up this interesting smart switch from Amazon and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed.  The installation was a little more involved than a standard switch swap but the rewards are great!  Gone are the days of seeing a confusing time that will have a dead battery in a year requiring you to have to do it all again.

With this switch you no longer need a hub to control the devices.  They simply connect to your home WiFi, load the "Smart Life" app, pair your devices and program them from the simple app.  As an added bonus these devices can be controlled with your voice from Google Home and Alexa, this works surprisingly well and makes my Google Home that much more useful.

  • Works with the refreshingly simple "Smart Life" app
  • Glass face means it's very simple to clean and safe to use
  • Relatively small size makes it easy to fit in most American switch boxes
  • Very short switch lag time
  • Works perfectly with IFTTT
  • This switch does not feed power through the bulbs filament so it will work perfectly with LED bulbs
  • Includes a nice screwless single gang wall plate
  • 1800 Watts means this will run anything a 15 amp circuit can handle

  • Any time your house wiring is modified I have to recommend having a qualified professional hired, that's not too say that you couldn't do it yourself though
  • This switch does need a neutral wire, this isn't always available
  • A couple very short pigtails are included, these should be about twice the length
  • Wire nuts aren't included
  • The mounting screws provided are 8-32 and they should be 6-32 for American switch boxes, not really a problem since your old switch had the correct screws so you can just reuse those.

This is an amazingly affordable option to make your house more intelligent.  Personally I love the glass panel look and the blue backlight but your taste may differ.

What do you think?  
Do you like the glass panel switches?

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Edit: 1/20/18

These switches fit in most American boxes, however they likely won't fit in any boxes where the screw hole doesn't protrude into the boxes.  Message me with a picture of you box and I'll let you know if these will work for you.  Hopefully they can fix this issue with the a simple retool.