Smart Plug Adapter With 2 Bonus USB's

I guess Amazon decided I needed a surprise today.  I'm so excited that this interesting little adapter came one whole day early!  I have been looking for a smart plug that also includes a USB port, this one fits the bill.

I was initially turned off by the fact that the app that is listed to work with this adapter was the "eFamilyCloud" app , I decided to go ahead and pick one up to try out.  I opened the instruction manual and was surprised to see that it actually listed the "annhome" app, so confusing.  I decided to try my app of preference, the "Smart Life" app.  Bam! It works perfectly!  I'm not sure why this isn't listed instead.  Also, the only assistant that's listed is Alexa and this probably has to do with that strange recommended apps.  When using the Smart Life app Google Assistant works like a charm.


  • Device does indeed work with the "Smart Life" app
  • Colorful power button looks kinda neat and gives a good visual indicator that a lot of these little devices are missing
  • 2 USB ports are a nice little addition
  • USB ports are switched which might be a pro or con depending on how you look at it
  • Once booted up the device is very responsive
  • If you use the "Smart Life" app this device will work perfectly with IFTTT


  • As with many of these little devices this one is limited to 1200 Watts making it possible to be overloaded by a space heater on high (Be Careful)
  • The device is a bit bigger than others that I've tried but I think this is acceptable considering the extra USB outlets
  • Instructions and the Amazon listing unnecessarily confuse things

So I was a bit surprised when I found out that the USB ports are actually switched, I think this will work to put behind the TV.  I can rest assured that my Chromecast and FireStick are shut off when the TV is.  I kinda wish this was an option though.