How to do it right

A few days after I wrote about all the Chinese smart devices I had recently purchased and how none of them had proper labeling.  I am pleased to inform you that I have found one that has nearly everything I went on about correct.  I will write about how this company has done everything they should have to build a quality product and what I think about it.

These smart plugs by a little Chinese company called KKUP2U (no idea what that stands for) are very well built, they are very solid and the button is very clicky.  Let's be honest most likely a good majority of the innards are exactly the same as the ones I don't like with one very obvious difference.  They do not list wattage, they only list amperage and voltage.  This is great because the wattage changes as the voltage changes and this company took their label to the next level and only listed 120v AC, this is great because if you have a plug this fits into in the USA you should only be supplying it with 120v... Period.  If you look even closer you can find an all important logo that isn't included on any of the other mislabeled smart plugs, the UL listing is even included!  I can't say enough good things about this product.

Since they work with the Smart Life app installation is super easy and the integration with Google Home is flawless.  So I can't say anything bad on the software side.

Seriously the only thing I can say bad about them is the fact that the box is clearly used around the world and it's labeling is more generic since it includes a voltage range.  This is understandable because they likely use the exact same product with a different shell for the rest of the world.  Besides that, the box is bound to get thrown away first thing anyways.

Bottom Line:

I will be recommending these plugs to my customers, at least until I find a 15 amp version that fits all my demands.

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