3 USB Port Plug!

I've had customers asking for this exact product for so long.  Up till now I didn't think it existed.  I've installed receptacles with 1 or 2 USB ports for years and most of those were limited to 1 amp per port.  This suits most people most of the time but when it doesn't we end up with wall warts again, believe me people have tons of USB charged items nowadays.  I'm so excited to be able to offer this device as an upgrade to my customers.

  • Yes, it is UL listed!
  • Interchangeable faces mean I don't need to stock 3 different devices (White, Almond, and Black)
  • White single gang standard sized unbreakable wall plate included
  • 3 USB ports power up to 5.8 amps total that almost 2 amps a piece at full tilt for faster charging
  • They meet the current national electrical code (NEC) guidelines with tamper resistant devices built in
  • Very professional looking design and build quality
  • Quick wire ports just like most standard GFI outlets today
  • The receptacle is rated at 15 amps just like any other plug on the market today so you don't have to sacrifice safety for convenience


  • Doesn't include an Ivory face, Almond is pretty close but it would look strange in the same box with an Almond switch
  • Only includes a white plate, I wouldn't really consider this much a con since it just means I don't end up with lots of extra unused plates on the van
I do plan on offering/suggesting these to my customers.  I also plan on installing a couple in my personal house since I often have the problem of not enough USB ports.

Do you think 3 ports would be enough for you?