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What an amazing brand! You might be surprised when you find out who it is though.

After having picked a few of these Chinese smart devices apart and finding out that most of them are really questionable, in fact many of them would be considered downright dangerous if you follow the questionable labeling.  I decided to invest in some electrical meters to be able to give a more in depth criticism.  When I ran into this little Chinese company called TackLife I thought, "Why don't I look into the build quality of Chinese electrical tools while I'm at it?"

I am so glad I made this decision.  As an electrician by trade I am used to dropping $150+ on a good meter but I spent less than $40 on this little bundle. When I purchased them I thought there is no way they would match up to my tried and true 3 year old name brand meter.  The initial build quality of this bundle is very good, in fact dare I say better than my previous Fluke and Ideal meters.  The cord is far more flexible which has always been a complaint of mine.  As an added bonus this meter doe…

A concerning problem indeed!

After testing quite a few electrical devices now from Amazon I am a bit worried that standards aren't being kept.  Let me explain.

A bit of history:
Ever since the plug we know and love became popular in the US it has always been a 110-125 volt plug.  At first the slots were the same length and that did nothing to stop you from inserting the cord in the wrong way.  Modern plugs have a long slot for the neutral and the short slot for the hot wire, this prevents a cord from being inserted incorrectly and creating a possible safety issue. 

Later we introduced a 3rd wire that wasn't supposed to carry any power on a regular basis and it's sole purpose in life was to make sure nothing we touched was energized.  This wire is called a ground, we are starting to see it on quite a few everyday items we use on a daily basis.

At about the same time the ground wire was being phased in another outlet variant was introduced that would allow 20 amp devices to be plugged in.  This would stop …

3 USB Port Plug!

I've had customers asking for this exact product for so long.  Up till now I didn't think it existed.  I've installed receptacles with 1 or 2 USB ports for years and most of those were limited to 1 amp per port.  This suits most people most of the time but when it doesn't we end up with wall warts again, believe me people have tons of USB charged items nowadays.  I'm so excited to be able to offer this device as an upgrade to my customers.

Pros: Yes, it is UL listed!Interchangeable faces mean I don't need to stock 3 different devices (White, Almond, and Black)White single gang standard sized unbreakable wall plate included3 USB ports power up to 5.8 amps total that almost 2 amps a piece at full tilt for faster chargingThey meet the current national electrical code (NEC) guidelines with tamper resistant devices built inVery professional looking design and build qualityQuick wire ports just like most standard GFI outlets todayThe receptacle is rated at 15 amps jus…